Alaska LIHEAP Application Information

Low-income households in Alaska can receive help with heating costs through Heating Assistance Program (HAP), also known as LIHEAP (Low Income Household Energy Assistance Program). The program assists families below 225% of the federal poverty level (FPL) and helps them to pay for heating during the rigorous winter months. The program uses a point-based system for determining amount of benefits a household will be receiving. The point-based system uses other factors in addition to household income such as location of household, type of dwelling, and cost of heating for the households. Households will receive benefits through Alaska HAP even if they are paying heating bills as a part of their monthly rent. However, families living in subsidized housing will not be able to apply for these benefits if they pay their heating bills as a part of rent. Families living without a house will not be able to receive aid through Alaska HAP.

Alaska HAP will provide grant within 45 days of filing an application. Households needing help before that period due to crises situation (facing permanent disconnection and/or fear of running out of fuel) can contact their utility company for setting up deferred payments. However, you will have to apply for Alaska HAP meanwhile so that utility company can offer deferred payment solution.

Once a household qualifies for HAP in Alaska, it will receive a one-time grant so that it can afford heating bills during the months of winter. However, if a household needs a grant in the next session, it will have to re-apply for the benefits. The benefits are delivered directly to utility company/provider but households can also receive them directly if they are facing crisis.

If you have applied for HAP assistance, you have qualified to receive grant, and then you move to another place, you will not be able to transfer your grant to the new location unless a different heating company/provider serves the new area where you have moved. You will have to contact your local HAP office to apply for transfer of grant in such situations.

Households qualifying to HAP benefits in Alaska can also apply to send 25% of their benefits directly to the electric company instead of sending all of them to heating company. For that to happen, you will have to check 'yes' on question 21 in your application. If you don't do it at the time of filing the application, you won't be able to change it later.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive benefits through Alaska HAP, you will have to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • You must be a U.S citizen or a qualified alien

  • You must a resident of Alaska

  • You must need help with heating costs

  • You must meet income eligibility guidelines for the program

Income eligibility

Households will have to meet the following income guidelines in order to receive benefits through Alaska HAP benefits.

Number of people in household Annual gross income limits

  1. $20,955

  2. $28,380

  3. $35,805

  4. $43,230

  5. $50,655

  6. $58,080

  7. $65,505

  8. $72,930

If you have more than eight people living in the household, you can add $7,425 for each additional person.

You can also use this eligibility calculator page to see if you qualify to receive Alaska HAP benefits.

LIHEAP Application Instructions

You can apply for Alaska HAP between October 1 and April 30 this for this session. For elderly and disabled, the applications can be accepted as early as September. You will have three options to apply for Alaska HAP.

Apply in person: You can apply in person by visiting Department of Public Assistance office and filling out an application.

Apply through mail/fax: You can also apply through mail/fax by downloading application and mailing it to:

Heating Assistance Program

10002 Glacier Highway, Suite 205

Juneau, AK 99801-1700

You can download application from this DHSS website.

Apply through phone: You can also apply for Alaska HAP through phone by calling at 1-800-470-3058. You can request DHSS to send you an application through mail. You can return the application after completing it to apply for benefits.