Medicaid Application Instructions

If you are living in Oklahoma and you need medical assistance, you can apply for Medicaid benefits easily. Follow the instruction below to start your application.

Apply online

You can apply for Medicaid benefits in Oklahoma using the online portal. Visit this link and start your application.

If you are using HealthCare online services for the first time, you will need to create an account before you can start your application.

Apply by phone

In Oklahoma, you can apply for Medicaid via phone. Simply dial 1-800-318-2596 and follow machine instructions to start your phone application for Medicaid enrollment.

Apply in person

If you want to apply in person for Medicaid benefits, you can do so by visiting Oklahoma DHS office. You can find your nearest DHS office using the office locator tool found on this page.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive Medicaid benefits in Oklahoma, applicants should meet the eligibility criteria. The program requires applicants to meet the following general eligibility criteria.

- You must be a U.S. citizen or a legal alien to receive Medicaid benefits.

- You must be a resident of the state of Oklahoma to enroll in Oklahoma Medicaid.

- You must meet the income guidelines set by the state in view of the Federal Poverty Level.

- Medicaid benefits are available for children, pregnant women, caretakers and parents, disabled, and elderly.

Income guidelines

In order to meet eligibility for Medicaid, applicants need to fall within the income brackets decided by the state. The income guidelines provided below are determined based on FPL and they are subject to change. Make sure you check the latest guidelines when applying for the program.

No. of persons in householdHousehold annual income

1 $15,800

2 $21,307

3 $26,813

4 $32,319

5 $37,825

6 $43,331

7 $48,851

8 $54,384

If your household has more than eight people, add $5,533 to your annual household income for every additional person. This will give you annual household income limit for your household.