WAP Application Instructions

To apply for Wyoming WAP, you will need to visit Wyoming's official weatherization site and fill out an application. You can find more information by calling 1-800-246-4221.

Alternatively, you can download an application and apply by sending the completed application by mail or fax to your local WAP office. You can download the application here.

Eligibility Requirements

If you’re looking to receive free of charge weatherization services in Wyoming, you will need to meet eligibility criteria for Wyoming WAP.

  • You should be a resident of the state of Wyoming to receive WAP services. You will need to show proof of your residence to be considered for WAP services.

  • You should be paying energy bills for the household. You should bring copies of previous bills to be considered for WAP services.

  • Your household income should be within the income limits for the program.

Income eligibility

To receive WAP services in Wyoming, you will need to have household income within the limits according to size of your household.

Household size Maximum annual income

  1. $32,482

  2. $42,476

  3. $52,471

  4. $62,466

  5. $72,460

  6. $82,455

  7. $84,329

  8. $86,203

  9. $88,077

  10. $89,951