Medicaid Application Instructions

You can apply for the Medicaid in Wyoming by three ways that include; apply over the phone, apply online and paper application. You can choose from the provided options that may suit you most.

Apply over the Phone: Applying over the phone is the easiest way, and it takes less time than any other options. Even, the Wyoming Department of Health recommends applying over the phone because the team representative will provide you with all the required details. You can contact the team of Medicaid in Wyoming by calling this hotline: 1-855-294-2127.

Paper Application: You need to download the form required to apply through mail. You can even submit the application in person. You can use the application to apply for anyone in your family. You can view the PDF application form by clicking here. PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be downloaded from the official website. Fill out the details after printing the form and send it through mail to the address mentioned below:

WDH Customer Service Center
6101 Yellowstone Rd. Suite 259D
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Apply Online: You can also apply online by signing up for the Client Portal. You can find all the information including eligibility check, services, programs, coverage details, etc. You can click on this link that will lead you to the Client Portal.

Eligibility Requirements

There are different plans and programs available for the Kids, pregnant women, people with certain disabilities and senior citizens.

The State of Wyoming has modified the services implication as Federal Law allows each state to make certain changes depending on the State's population, the number of qualified individuals and poverty rate.

Medicaid in Wyoming is offered to individuals or families who have their basic income either at 140% of FPL or below.

There are certain cases of child Medicaid in which families have 200% income as per FPL could also get qualified. You can read more about it on the official web site.