Unemployment Application Instructions

You can file your UI claim online in Wisconsin. The online application is user-friendly and it takes only 30-40 minutes to complete. You can fill the application from comfort of your home at any time when the online application is accessible.

If you are qualified for UI benefits, you should file your claim as soon as you lose your job. If you delay filing a claim, you will not receive benefits for the missed period since UI benefits are not retroactive. You will need to file a claim every time you want to receive benefits.

Follow these steps to apply online for Wisconsin UI benefits.

- File your initial claim by completing online application. You can access online application for UI benefits in Wisconsin by visiting this link.

- You will need to login with your Username and Password to access the application form. If you are a new user, you can create a new account before starting the application.

- You will need to register for online UI services and complete a Job Match Profile to complete filing your claim.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI benefits in Wisconsin

If you need assistance with UI benefits in Wisconsin, simply call 1-800-822-5246 to talk to a UI representative. Alternatively, you can look through FAQ to see if your query has already been answered by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

If you can't find your query answered in FAQ, you can contact UI Benefit Staff by simply visiting this page.

Managing UI claim in Wisconsin

After you apply for UI benefits in Wisconsin, you will receive a claim confirmation form in the mail. In addition, the Department of Workforce Development will also send a Claimant Handbook.

The Department of Workforce Development will check your eligibility after you file your initial claim. The amount of benefits that you will receive will be decided after your eligibility is determined.

To continue receiving UI benefits, you will need to file weekly claim for each week of unemployment. You can file a weekly claim online by visiting this link.

You can receive your UI benefits through Direct Deposit and Visa Pre-Paid Debit Card. Learn more about payment options by visiting this link.

Learn more about UI Benefit in Wisconsin

To learn more about UI benefits in Wisconsin, simply visit UI page at Department of Workforce Development website.