LIHEAP Application Instructions

Applying for the Wisconsin LIHEAP program is a fairly easy process; all you need to do is to locate your local Wisconsin LIHEAP agency available on this link: (Wisconsin LIHEAP List of Local County Offices). At the local agency a program representative will determine whether you are eligible for the Wisconsin LIHEAP program by verifying your documents and asking you questions aimed at establishing your eligibility to the program.

Upon successful completion of the application process, you will start enjoying the Wisconsin LIHEAP program benefits.

For more information, you can contact the Wisconsin LIHEAP Program using the following contact information:

Home Energy +
PO Box 7868
Madison, Wisconsin  53707-7868

Phone:  866-HEATWIS   FAX:  (608) 267-6931

Eligibility Requirements

Requirements, these eligibility requirements are based on the income, residence and vulnerability status of the applicant and are discussed below:

Wisconsin LIHEAP- Income Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the Wisconsin LIHEAP program applicants must have an annual income before tax that is less or equal to the program maximum provided in the following table:


One member in the household


2 household members


3 household members


4 household members


5 household members


6 household member


7 household members


8 household members

For any additional household member $5,610 is added

Wisconsin LIHEAP Residential Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify. Applicants for the Wisconsin LIHEAP program must be residents of the state of Wisconsin and should be either US nationals or registered legal aliens.

Vulnerability to Heating Costs

Applicants to the Wisconcin LIHEAP program are required to demonstrate that they are vulnerable to not being able to pay their heating and electric bills or they cannot replace a malfunctioned heating source.