Medicaid Application Instructions

Medicaid in Vermont can be applied through three ways; i) Phone ii) In-Person iii) Online

Phone: DVHA provides a toll-free number to get information about the programs and also, you can apply for a suitable plan. You just need to call 1 — 855 — 899 — 9600 and a representative will assist you with sign-up process and provide you required information.

In-Person: Certified Application Counselors, Navigators, and Brokers are referred as the Assisters. You can contact any of the above, and they will help you to sign up for the best plan available that best suits your medical condition. You can find the Assisters through the Assister Map where you can search by your county. To access Assister Map, click here!

Apply Online: You can also apply online through the Online Portal by clicking here. You just need to gather the following detail for all the individuals in household you need coverage:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Employer and Income Information
  • Required Medical and Prescription needs
  • Details of Job-based Insurance (if any)

Eligibility Requirements

DVHA provides you with the Online tools through which you can easily determine whether or not you're qualified for the Medicaid and Dr. Dynasaur. There are three types of tools that can help you determine which plan you could opt for, and which plan is more reasonable.

  • Plan Comparison Tool: This tool helps you to estimate the help that you can get, and the out-of-pocket costs based on age, physical condition, and expected medical services required. You can use Plan Comparison Tool by clicking here.
  • Subsidy Estimator: It helps individuals and families to estimate the available financial help by the State to lower the cost of their monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Click here to use this tool.
  • Affordability Estimator: It provides a great help to employees so they can check if their company's insurance is affordable or not. It can then help them to determine if they need Medicaid. Click here for this tool!

You can also check the plans that are offered to you by the DHVA here.