WAP Application Instructions

In order to apply for South Dakota WAP, you can use any of the two options listed below:

  • Download an application for WAP here. Fill out this PDF file after printing it. You can send your completed application by mail or through fax to community action agency covering your area. You will find details on where to send the application on Page 5 of the application form.

  • Apply at community action agency covering your area. You can find contact information of the community action agency providing weatherization services in your area by visiting this page. Scroll to the end to find contact information for community action agencies.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for South Dakota WAP services, you will need to meet eligibility requirements for the program. Here are the requirements.

  • The program is only available for residents of state of South Dakota. You will need to bring proof of residence with you when visiting your local agency for applying for South Dakota WAP. If you’re sending your application through mail, you will need to attach proof of residence with the application.

  • South Dakota WAP requires households to be income-eligible. Households will need to meet 3-month eligibility as well as annual eligibility. Here is a chart for 3-month and annual income limits according to household size.

Household Size 3-month income limit Annual income limit

1 $5,415 $22,340

2 $7,284 $30.260

3 $9,153 $38,180

4 $11,025 $46,100

5 $12,894 $54,020

6 $14,763 $61,940

7 $16,635 $69,860

8 $18,504 $77,780

9 $20,373 $85,700

10 $22,245 $93,620