Unemployment Application Instructions

Although you can file your claim by telephone through UI Call Center, the fastest and the most efficient way is to file online. Follow these steps to file your initial claim or re-open an existing claim for UI benefits in Rhode Island.

- Visit this link to access online claim system.

- Select a language from dropdown menu on the next page and click Continue. Your options are English, Spanish and Portuguese.�

- Read information on the next page and click Proceed at the bottom when you are ready to start your claim.

- You will need to complete the application in next step. It will require you to provide personal information, dependent information, employment history, related employment information, related financial information, educational information and processing information.

- Once you have completed and submitted information, wait for the claim system to give you a conformation notice. Don't close your browser unless you receive confirmation that your data has been accepted and saved.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI claim application in Rhode Island

Applying for UI benefits in Rhode Island is easy. If you need assistance, you can simply contact UI Call Center by visiting this page.

You can also contact Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training by calling at 401-462-8000 or send a fax to 401-462-86666.

You can download a guide that explains everything related to filing a UI claim in Rhode Island in detail by clicking this link.

Managing your UI benefits in Rhode Island

Since Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training uses an online system for UI claims, managing your claim is as easy as visiting a website. You can get information about status of your claim by simply visiting this link. You will need to provide confirmation number that you received when you filed your initial claim to access online system.

Learn more about UI benefits in Rhode Island

To learn more about UI in Rhode Island, visit this FAQ page. It answers most questions that you may have about UI benefits. For information about UI program in Rhode Island, simply visit UI website.