WIC Application Instructions

In order to apply for WIC in Pennsylvania, one has to contact local WIC office. You can call the office to receive an appointment for interview. You can use this link to find contact information of WIC offices in the state.

To learn more about applying for WIC in Pennsylvania, you can call at WIC hotline at 1-800-WIC-WINS anytime. When going for the interview, you will to take certain documents with you so that your eligibility for the program can be determined at WIC office.

To speed up the process, make sure that you have all these documents with you at the time of interview. For more information on what to bring, you can contact your local WIC office.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants should meet the following income guidelines for annual gross income for the household.

Household Size Max Gross Annual Income
1 $20,665
2 $27,991
3 $35,317
4 $42,643
5 $49,969
6 $57,293
7 $64,621
8 $71,947

For households with more people, add $7,326 for each additional person.

Pregnant women will be counted as two persons for the purpose of Pennsylvania WIC.