Unemployment Application Instructions

To file your UI claim online in Pennsylvania, simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit Pennsylvania online system for UI claims website here.

Step 2: Select a language and wait for the application to load.

Step 3: Complete application by providing necessary personal and work-related information. Be sure to receive submission confirmation before you close the browser after completing application.

Eligibility Requirements

If you need assistance filing an online UI claim in Pennsylvania, simply contact a UC Service Center by calling at 888-313-7284. You can also use Videophone Service if you are an ASL user by calling at 717-704-8474. Calls for Videophone can only be made on Wednesday from noon till 4:00 pm. Call at 888-334-4046 for TTY Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing.

To visit a UC local office in person, visit this link. You can click on the location to find directions and contact details for the nearest office.

Managing your UI benefits

Managing your UI benefits in Pennsylvania is as easy as is filing initial claim. Here are some of the important links.

- Reopen your existing claim online by visiting this link. You can re-open a claim at any time during the week using this online system.

- To file a bi-weekly claim, visit this link. Remember you need to file bi-weekly claim to continue receiving benefits during qualified period.

- You can check status of your existing claim by visiting this link.

- To view your UI benefits/payments, simply visit this link.

- To make any changes to your personal information such as address or telephone number, visit this link.

Learn more about Pennsylvania UI program

For more information about UI program, benefits, appeals and FAQ, visit Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits website.