Unemployment Application Instructions

In order to apply for unemployment insurance online, you simply need to visit this page. Click File Your New Claim from the page to start your application. You can't apply through the online system from 12:30am to 2:00am each night as the system is unavailable due to maintenance.

You can also claim a week of benefits online using Oregon.gov website. Visit this page and answer questions to start your weekly claim.

In case you qualified for benefits but then got work, you may restart your claim at any time using this link. If you have missed weekly report, you may need to restart your claim in order to continue receiving benefits during the period of unemployment.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with applying for unemployment benefits

If you need help with applying for unemployment benefits, you can visit the local UI office and ask any questions you may have. To find a local office near you, visit this link and click an area near you.

If you need further assistance with how to file a claim in the state of Oregon, you can read this Claimant Handbook available at Oregon.gov website.

You can also watch these videos to learn about filing a UI claim in the state of Oregon. These videos also help you learn to file a weekly claim.

How to manage your unemployment benefits

Once you have applied for UI benefits, you can track your benefits online. You will need to provide your social security number and personal identification number in order to track your benefits. Use this link to login to benefits portal.

You can check status of your claim by going here.

You can visit this link to change or reset your password.

To change your address, just visit this link and update information.

Learn more about unemployment benefits

You can estimate benefits that you will be receiving by going to Oregon Unemployment Insurance Estimator and entering your wages and hours worked. After entering the details, just click Estimate Your Payments.

For further assistance, you can visit UI Help Center.