LIHEAP Application Instructions

If you meet the basic eligibility requirements for the New York LI-HEAP program, you may apply for the program through an online application or by filling and submitting a printed application form.

New York Li-HEAP, Online Application

Online application for the New York LI-HEAP program is a fairly easy and convenient process. You can apply for a New York HEAP grant on the following link: (Online application for New York LI-HEAP grant). It should however be noted that this application is limited to applicants who:

  • Live in participating counties , namely Allegany, Broome, Chautauqua, Chenango, Clinton, Cortland, Franklin, Herkimer, Livingston, Montgomery, Rockland, Schoharie, St. Lawrence, Tioga, Tompkins, Warren or Washington

  • Who received a New York LI-HEAP benefit in the 2011-2012 period, and

  • Have not moved to another county since2011-2012 period

Applicants living in Jefferson, Madison or Renssealaer counties should apply online for the regular New York LI-HEAP on this link: (New York LI-HEAP Regular online application form).

Applying for New York LI-HEAP Using a Printable Application Form

You can download and fill a New York LI-HEAP application form available on this link: (New York LI-HEAP printable application form). Before filling the application form you should carefully read the filling instructions available on page 7 of the form and then proceed to fill the form using a black pen. After filling the form, you should go ahead and submit it to your county New Your LI-HEAP certifier found on this link: (New York LI-HEAP Local county certifiers).

You can obtain more information on the New York LI-HEAP program by calling the following hotline number: 1-800-342-3009.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants to the New York LI-HEAP program are required to meet a specified set of eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements are based on the residential status of the applicants, household monthly income, and whether the applicants enjoy benefits from other related programs such as SNAP or SSI, and are discussed below.

New York LI-HEAP Income Requirement

In order to qualify for the New York LI- HEAP program applicants need to meet the set income eligibility requirements. These income eligibility requirements are based on the total household gross income before tax and are highlighted on the following link: (New York LI-HEAP Income Eligibility Requirements)

New York LI-HEAP Residential Eligibility Requirements

Individuals applying for the New York LI-Heap program are eligible for the benefits, only if they are residents of the state of New York and they are US nationals or registered legal aliens.

Applicants are eligible to the New-York LI-HEAP program if they receive benefits from SNAP, TANF or they receive a Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Eligibility to the New York –LI-HEAP Emergency Program

The eligibility to the emergency program is based on the income of the applicants, the resources available at the time of the emergency and the nature of the emergency. Individuals may be eligible for the emergency program if:

  • You need your electricity to run your heating system or thermostat and it is either shut off or scheduled to be shut off within a particular period of time

  • Your electric or natural gas based heat is either shut off or scheduled to be shut off

  • Your household resources is less than $2000 or in the event that you have a member of the household who is older than 60 the household resources is less than $3000

  • You have run out of fuel , or have less than a quarter tank of fuel oil , kerosene or propane or less than ten days supply of wood , corn and other heat sources, and

  • You meet the basic New York LI-HEAP Eligibility requirements.

For those individuals applying for the New-York LI-HEAP program, they should not have available liquid resources that are more than the cost of the repair or replacement.