MexiKids Application Instructions

There are several ways to apply for Medicaid:

Apply in Person

You can apply for New Mexikids at most health care facilities and schools. Alternatively, you can visit a local Income Support Division office. Visit New Mexikids webpage for a list of these offices:

Apply by Phone

You can call your Local Income Support Division during normal working hours on Telephone number (888) 997-2583.

Apply Online

Detailed application details are available at

New MexiKids Contact Information

New Mexikids
P.O. Box 2348
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-2348

Eligibility Requirements

In order for children or teenagers to qualify for these programs, they must be:

  • Residents of New Mexico
  • Below 19 years of age and not covered by health insurance (including Medicaid)
  • U.S. national, citizen, legal alien or permanent resident

Contact New MexiKids directly for information on the available Eligibility Criteria:

Note: a parent needs not to be a US national in order to apply for New Mexikids or New MexiTeens insurance coverage for their children.

Eligibility based on Citizenship & Residency

Similar to most health insurance programs in New Mexico, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen and a resident of New Mexico. The only exception for Non-US Nationals is Emergency Medical Services for Aliens (EMSA). However, Income Support Division must determine if a referred alien is eligible for this assistance.

Eligibility based on Age

Children aged 0 to 12 years are eligible to receive Medicaid services through the New MexiKids program. New MexiTeens is a program very similar to New MexiKids, but is reserved for children ages 13-19. Pregnant women of any age may receive coverage during pregnancy

Eligibility based on Citizenship & Residency

In order for children or teenagers to qualify for these programs, they must be:

Eligibility based on Income

The New MexiKids and New MexiTeens programs are open to children from families who make 235% or less of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL). Families with incomes below 185% of the FPL can receive services for their children at no cost, while families with income brackets between 185% - 235% of the FPL receive services at a reduced cost. Pregnant women can receive Medicaid services if they have a family income of 185% or less of the FPL. Pregnant women who are not eligible for Medicaid can sign up for Premium Assistance for Maternity (PAM), this option has no upper-income restrictions. Women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancers need to have a family income of less than 250% of the FPL.