Unemployment Application Instructions

If you have worked in Nebraska during last 12-18 months and have earned at least minimum wages from such employment, you may be eligible to receive UI benefits in case you have lost your job. To receive benefits you will need to file an initial UI claim. You can follow these simple steps for filing initial claim.

1- Filing a UI claim in Nebraska is easy. You can file using phone but online filing is a preferred way due to security and ease. You can access online system by clicking here.

2- If you have never created your PIN with Nebraska Department of Labor online system, then you can create one by visiting this link. If you already have a PIN you can simply login on the link provided in step 1 and continue with application process.

3- Read the instructions carefully and complete the application. Remember you will be responsible for all the information provided in the application form. Be sure to report accurate and correct information. It will be verified later.

4- Once your claim is complete, start looking for work. You can register with Department of Labor for work

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI benefits application

If you need help with filing your UI claim, you can get in touch with a Career Fair center. Visit this link for contact information. You can also call Nebraska Department of Labor by dialing (402) 471 9000.

Managing your UI benefits

When you file initial UI claim, your eligibility and amount of benefits is determined. But to continue receiving benefits every week that you remain qualified, you will need to file weekly claim along with a report of job search. You can file your weekly claim online here. Use the PIN that you created while filing your initial claim.

You can view information regarding status of your claim here.

Learn more about UI benefits

You can learn more about UI benefits by visiting Nebraska Unemployment Insurance website.