Unemployment Application Instructions

To file your claim online, you will need to provide Social Security Number, name, address, telephone number, information about your previous employers and wages that you received in the base periods. Follow these steps to initiate your claim.

- You can file your claim online by visiting Job Service North Dakota's UI ICE internet site here.

- Register for North Dakota Online Services by visiting this link. If you already have an account with North Dakota Online Services, simply login with your account information.

- Read these FAQs before you start completing the application form. This page provides answers to most common questions, helping you with all your queries.

The online application can only be submitted between 10:00 am and midnight Central Time throughout the week.

Eligibility Requirements

For assistance with UI claim application in North Dakota, you can contact the service desk. To find out about how to contact the Service Desk, please visit this link.

If you need assistance with UI benefits or job search, contact Job Service North Dakota by visiting this link.

You can also call 701-328-4995 to talk to a representative and talk about UI program and online application.

Managing your UI claim

After you complete your online claim, you will receive a monetary determination by mail. This letter will indicate the maximum benefit amount that you will be receiving under your claim. It will also provide details about your weekly benefit amount.

Your initial claim is established for 52 weeks which means you can't initiate a new claim during this period. However, you can submit weekly claim during this time when you are eligible for UI. Nevertheless this doesn't mean that your benefits will last the entire year but they are only available as long as you are unemployed and otherwise qualified for UI program.

Learn more about UI program

You can learn more about Unemployment Insurance program in North Dakota by visiting North Dakota Job Service website here.