Medicaid Application Instructions

Documents required during the application process:-

  • Proof of citizenship/immigration status
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of other income
  • Proof of expenses
  • Proof of pregnancy if pregnant

Walk In or Mail Application

You can apply for Medicaid by sending your application and attaching documents of proof in the mail to your county social services office.� You can also take the application to your county social services office and turn it in. Application forms can be obtained from your local�County Social Service Office�office (in person or by mail), or electronically by clicking the following link.

Apply Online

You may complete an�online application�by clicking here. The form will be electronically sent to your county social service office, who will determine your qualification for programs.

Contact Information

Medical Services Division
North Dakota Department of Human Services
600 E Boulevard Ave, Dept 325
Bismarck, ND 58505-0250
Telephone:(701) 328-2321
Toll-free: 1-800-755-2604
Fax: (701) 328-1544
E-mail:�[email protected]

Eligibility Requirements

North Dakota has imposed strict guidelines on income levels allowed for Medicaid beneficiaries. The ND state looks at a family's total income and family size, but subtracts items such as work-related expenses, taxes, health insurance premiums, child support and the costs of caring for a dependent. These amounts are not counted against the applicant for the purposes of determining eligibility.

Income Requirements:

  • Pregnant women and children aged between 0 to 6years whose income level is below 133% FPL.
  • Children aged 6yrs - 19yrs whose income level is below 100% FPL.
  • Parents/guardians living with children ages 0 to18yrs whose income level is below 59% FPL.
  • Seniors and people with special needs with an income below 75% FPL
  • Medically-needy with an income below 83% FPL, this applies to both singles and couples.
  • People with huge medical bills such that when subtracted from their income they may be eligible.

The table below depicts income guidelines specific to North Dakota as of the year 2012.

Family Size Coverage for Entire Family Medically Needy -� Seniors, Adults with special needs & households responsible for a portion of their medical bills Children Aged 6-19Yrs. Pregnant. Women and Child up to 6Yrs.
1 $311 $773 $931 $1,238
2 $417 $1,047 $1,261 $1,677
3 $523 $1,321 $1,591 $2,116
4 $629 $1,595 $1,921 $2,555
5 $735 $1,869 $2,251 $2,994

Asset Restrictions

People with special needs and the elderly applicants can have not more than $3,000 in countable assets in order to qualify. Married couples may have a maximum of $6,000 in countable assets. Countable assets include any kind of financial asset, including stocks, bonds, bank accounts and properties. Some assets, called non-countable assets, are exempted from this requirement. This includes your home, car, burial plans, property required for self-employment, household goods/furniture, Indian trust/ restricted lands and judgment funds. There are no asset limits for families enrolling in the Women and Families coverage group or the Women's Way program.

Guidelines for Spousal Impoverishment

If one spouse needs Medicaid services or nursing home care, that spouse may have up to $3,000 in assets. The surviving spouse is allowed to keep half the countable assets owned by the couple, but not less than $21,912, and not more than $109,560. North Dakota state generally takes a lien on the couple's property and collects