WAP Application Instructions

To apply for North Carolina WAP, you will need to find a WAP provider in your county. You can find a list of designated local service providers here.

When visit your local WAP provider, you’ll need to provide proof of household income. In addition to income related documents, you may have to provide following documents as well.

  • Energy bills

  • Proof of ownership of property

  • Written permission from landlord

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive WAP services in North Carolina, households will need to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • You are a resident of North Carolina

  • You are responsible for paying your home energy costs

  • In case you are a renter, you will need to obtain written permission from landlord to be eligible for WAP services

  • Your household income should be within income limits for the program

Income eligibility

In order to receive WAP benefits, a household will need to meet the following income guidelines.

Household size Maximum annual income

  1. $22,340

  2. $30,260

  3. $38,180

  4. $46,100

  5. $54,020

  6. $61,940

  7. $69,860

  8. $77,780

If more than eight people live in the household, add $7,920 for each additional person to find out annual income limit for your household size.

Automatic eligibility

Not all the households in North Carolina have to undergo income eligibility test. Following households will be automatically eligible for WAP services.

  • Households with a person receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

  • Household receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

  • Households receiving Aid to Families with Dependent Children