Unemployment Application Instructions

Applying online for Montana UI benefits

You can file your online application for Montana UI benefit through a simple online system. You can access the online application by clicking here. You will need your Social Security Number and Date of Birth to get started. Additionally, you will need to provide the following information in your online application.

- Mailing address

- Telephone number

- Email address

- Details about your previous employment

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI benefits application

After you file your application, all information will be verified. Your previous employer will be asked about reasons of your separation from the job. If found eligible for UI benefits, you will receive your weekly benefits in your bank account. You will provide your bank account details in your application.

For any queries about online application or UI benefits, you can directly call Unemployment Insurance Division by dialing (406) 444-3783.

For personal assistance on anything regarding UI benefits, you can simply contact a local agency near you. Use this 'agency locator' to find a relevant agency near you.

If you need audio/video assistance to file your UI claim or find a job, you can visit this page. It has audio and video instructions about almost everything that you may want to know regarding UI benefits.

Managing your benefits

You will receive your benefits in your bank account through direct deposit. However, you may request for bi-weekly benefits. Visit this link and login to the online system to access relevant application.

You may have to reactivate your claim if you found a job which you lost within your eligibility period to receive UI benefits again. You can reactivate your claim by visiting this link.

You can also review information about your claim, update personal information, appeal against a decision regarding your claim and request payment of your benefits using the online system provided by the Montana Department of Labor Industry. You can access this online system here.

Learn more about UI benefits in Montana

Montana UI benefits are managed by Montana Unemployment Insurance Division. You can learn more about it here.

You can learn more about UI claim by visiting Montana Department of Labor Industry website here. The website provides easy navigation for everything you may want to know about UI benefits and filing a claim in Montana.