Unemployment Application Instructions

Apply for UI benefits in Mississippi

Applying for UI benefits in Mississippi is easy. All it takes it completing an online application through an easy-to-use online system provided by Mississippi Department of Employment Security. Follow these simple steps to get started.

- Register with Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) using this link. You will need access to a stable internet connection in order to complete the application successfully. If you don't have access to a computer or the internet, you can visit your nearest public library or a WIN job Center.

- After completing your online claim, start looking for a job. You don't need to register for it separately if you have already filed your UI benefits claim.

- You will need to file claim for UI benefits every week for as long as you remain eligible for these benefits. You can file your weekly claim by visiting this link.

- You will also need to file a weekly job search report to continue receiving UI benefits in Mississippi. Use this link to file your weekly report online.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI benefits application

If you are stuck at something and you need assistance filing your UI claim, you can visit your nearest WIN Job Center for one-on-one assistance.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) has been working hard to make things easy for applicants. The experts at MDES have put together some great tips to help you get started with job hunt. These tips will help you prepare for an interview, writing resume and lots of other things that will come in handy in finding a better job. You can access this guide by visiting this link.

Managing your UI benefits online

You will need to file weekly UI benefits claim and work report each week in order to continue receiving your benefits. You can easily file your weekly claim and job search report using MDES Online Services system. You can also manage your weekly benefits from this system by signing in with your User Name and PIN that you will generate when filing your initial claim. You can visit MDES Online Services system by clicking this link.

Getting more information about UI benefits

You can learn more about UI benefits and applying for benefits by visiting this link. You can learn about various types of UI claims that you can file by visiting this link.