Unemployment Application Instructions

Applying for UI benefits is easy in Minnesota. You will can start the procedure by simply visiting this link and signing in to application system using your Social Security Number.

Online applications are only accepted from Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Central Time.

When you complete your application and hit the 'submit' button at the end, be sure to wait until you see the confirmation page. Don't close the application or browser window unless you have seen this page. This ensures that your application has been submitted.

Remember that all the information provided in the application should be correct. In case of fraud you will be held responsible. If someone else is helping you complete the application, he/she will not be held responsible for reporting incorrect facts but only you will be held responsible. Therefore make sure that you complete your application all by yourself.

If you are not comfortable applying online, you can easily apply using automated phone.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting help with UI benefits application

If you are unsure about any question while completing the application, you can click it and a pop-up will appear with some helpful information about the question. This should help you complete the application without making errors.

In case you have questions for which you don't find answers within the application, you can call an Unemployment Insurance Customer Service Representative and get an answer to your question. Use the following numbers to connect with a representative on phone.

- For greater Minnesota call at 1-877-898-9090

- For Twin Cities call at 651-296-3644

- For TTY service call at 1-866-814-1252

Managing your UI benefits

After you apply for UI benefits, your case will be accessed for eligibility. On qualifying for UI benefits you will start receiving financial assistance starting from the day you submitted your claim for UI benefits. You choose between Direct Deposit to your checking or savings account or Unemployment Debit Card which is actually U.S. Bank ReliaCard Visa. This card is loaded with your benefits every week that you can use just like you use your regular debit card. You can use it at any bank ATM or get cash from it at any bank. You can also use this debit card for purchases at any business that accepts Visa cards.

Learn more about UI benefits

You can learn more about UI benefits by exploring this online UI handbook. If you enjoy learning from videos, www.uimn.org (Minnesota UI website) has an entire video section containing learning and informative videos about UI benefits in the state.