MFIP Application Instructions

There are several ways to apply for the Minnesota Family Investment Program:

  1. The easiest way is to apply online via : This website features secure web application which will forward your online application to your local county office. This is where you can also apply for any other social program which is created by the State of Minnesota.
  2. Y- Another way to apply for MFIP is to download, print and fill out an application form which you'll need to bring or to send it to your local human services agency. This application form is called Combined Application Form and you can download it here: :

  3. A list of county human services agencies could be found here:

After you've successfully applied for MFIP, you can expect to get an invitation to an interview. This is an important step in the process of approval, so make sure you prepare all of the needed documentation. You should receive an answer within the period of 30 days.

If your application gets approved, you'll get s notice with all of needed information on the next steps. You'll be also notified on the amount of financial help which you'll receive on a monthly basis.

You should also know that most people usually have to go through a Diversionary Work Program, which is sometimes obligatory before you can officially start using MFIP benefits. Diversionary Work Program lasts for four months and its goal is to help low-income families by creating an employment plan and making preparations for a job search.

Eligibility Requirements

The Minnesota Family Investment Program is created for very low- and low-income families with children. A family can be consisted of one or both parents who are caretakers of children under the age of 18. The age limit is 19 for children who are in school full time. Caretakers don't need to be biological parents but any legal guardians, while children could be biological or adopted as well.

During the process of reviewing your application, you'll be analyzed through your income and your assets.

Income refers to a total amount of money you receive on a monthly basis from various sources like your employment, benefits, social programs and any other sources. After the analysis of your gross income, MFIP actually subtracts certain amount by these rules:

  • A certain percentage is being subtracted. While you're in a process of reviewing your application, MFIP will subtract 18% of your income. While calculating how much of the financial help you can receive on a monthly basis, MFIP will subtract 37%.
  • MFIP will also subtract any amount of money which you need if you're a caretaker for a child or a household member with a disability.
  • The applicant should be a citizen of US, or a legal alien
  • Money you spend on monthly basis on child or spousal support will also get subtracted.

Other than income, you assets will also need to be reviewed during the process of applying for MFIP. Some of these are your house, a car, checking and savings accounts, stocks, bonds, etc. In order to be eligible for MFIP coverage you'll need to meet a certain limit which is the highest value which makes you eligible. The asset limit is $2,000 if you're applying for MFIP or $5,000 if you're already using MFIP.