GA Application Instructions

To apply for Minnesota General Assistance Medical Care, you can use one of the following ways:

  1. Apply online via ApplyMN website
    This is a web application used to fill out forms for various welfare and social programs.
  2. You can also find paper applications at many local medical clinics as well as at your local human services agency. A list of human services agencies in Minnesota could be found at:
  3. Finally, you can also have paper applications mailed to you by calling 1-800-657-3672.

When you apply for MA program, you'll also need additional documents such as:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship (you passport or an original birth certificate)
  • Proof of identity (Minnesota driver's license or other type of ID card)
  • Proof of income (you pay stubs from the last 30 days or a written statement from your employer)
  • Proof of assets (any documents which show the value of your stocks, bonds or retirement or savings account)

Once you've submitted your application you should expect to receive an answer in a period no longer than 45-60 days. 45-day period is for kids, parents and caretakers while 60-day period is for individuals with disabilities.

You should also know that you'll need to verify your income every 6 months and your assets every 12 months in order to keep your MA coverage. You'll get a paper application by mail, which you'll need to fill out and return to your local human services agency.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the MA coverage, you'll need to fulfill several requirements, which are:

  • Have a basis of eligibility for the MA program
  • Be a U.S citizen or registered alien
  • Live in the State of Minnesota
  • Fulfill certain asset as well as income requirements

You qualify for the Healthy and Well Kids Iowa program once all these requirements are met.

  • A disabled person needs to have a proper documentation issued by the Social Security Administration ( or by the State Medical Review Team, known as SMRT).
  • You need to fulfill age requirement: younger than 21 or older than 54
  • If you are a parent or legal caretaker of a dependent or disabled child
  • You can also apply if you're currently pregnant
  • Finally, you can apply if you've got income less than 75% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

You also need to be a U.S. citizen or to be legally residing in the U.S. There are a few exceptions, so for example you can apply for Medical Assistance if you're pregnant regardless of your immigration status.

Also note that you need to reside in Minnesota in order to apply for MA coverage. There's no timeframe which determines how long you need to be living within the state borders, since you simply need to currently reside here in order to apply.

One of the other eligibility requirements are asset requirements. These rules say that your assets need to be below MA asset limit. For example, if you're a parent or a legal guardian your assets can't be more than $20,000. If you're disabled or if you're a senior citizen, you need to have less than $3,000 in order to apply for MA ($6,000 for a family of two). Assets include the value of the home you live in, the car your own as well as all of the household and personal goods.

Finally, to be eligible for MA, you need to be in a category of low-income family. This is determined by the current Federal Poverty Guideline. So, if you're disabled, your income need to be below the FPG (which is $932 for an individual or $1,261 for a family of two). Also note that you can still use some of the MA services if your income in slightly over the limit of FPG, but you'll need to pay monthly premium. Still, only by paying a monthly premium you'll pay much less for medical services that you would pay if you're using private health insurance.