CHIP Application Instructions

In order to apply for MinnesotaCare health insurance, you'll need to go through these three steps:

  1. Find and fill out required documents and forms
  2. Gather any required additional documents which will show that you're eligible and
  3. Mail your application and documents to your county office or to the MinnesotaCare office

There are several ways to get your copy of the MinnesotaCare application form. You can
download it from this link

You should be also able to receive an application at your county human services offices. You can also receive your application by mail, by calling Minnesota Health Care Programs Member Help Desk at (651) 431-2670 or (800) 657-3739.

There are also some additional documents you'll need to gather, besides application form. These documents are used as a proof that you're eligible for MinnesotaCare coverage and those are:

  • Proof that you're a U.S. citizen
  • Immigration status, in case you're not a U.S. citizen
  • Documents regarding your income and assets
  • Other health insurance plan in case you're got any
  • Document regarding pregnancy (in case you're pregnant and you'd like to use MinnesotaCare)

After you've gathered all of the needed documents, you'll need to send them by mail to MinnesotaCare offices. It's a good idea not to send original documents, since they can get lost. You can also bring them yourself to the St. Paul office, located in the Elmer L. Andersen building at 540 Cedar Street.

It usually takes from one to two months for your application to be reviewed. Anyway, you'll receive an answer by which you'll be notified whether you've been accepted. If the answer is positive, you'll also get further instruction as well as all additional information. After you've paid the first premium, MinnesotaCare health insurance coverage will start the first day of the next month.

Eligibility Requirements

MinnesotaCare is created for various social groups like children, families, pregnant women and adults without children who are all eligible for using the benefits of this program. Basis eligibility requirements are:

  • You have to reside in Minnesota
  • You need to be a U.S. citizen or legal alien
  • The applicant should be a citizen of US, or a legal alien
  • You need to fulfill income and asset requirements which means that these need to be below the limit for this Health Care Program.

There are also some cases by which you won't qualify for MinnesotaCare and those cases are:

  • If you've had health insurance during the last four months, unless this insurance was Medical Assistance
  • If your job offers insurance and your employer pays 50% or more of the premium. On the other hand, if your employer pays 50% or more of the premium for you, but not for your spouse or children, they can be still eligible and receive MinnesotaCare coverage.

Speaking of the income limit which qualifies you to be eligible for this program, it depends on your age, the program you qualify for and who lives in your household. But generally speaking, during the process of reviewing your application almost every income is being counted towards the income limit. Those can be wages, self-employment, unemployment insurance, child support or any kind of welfare help. You can see income limit
for every social category on this link

Besides income limit, you should also fulfill asset limit requirement. For a family of one, the asset limit is $10,000 while the limit is $20,000 for a family of two and more. There's no asset limit for pregnant women as well as for children under the age of 21.

Assets which could be counted are:

  • Money you've got in a bank
  • Saving and checking accounts
  • Stock and bonds
  • Motor vehicles used for non-employment purposes (as well as any recreational vehicles like snowmobiles, motors, boats, etc.)
  • Land you might own

There are also some assets which could not be counted towards the asset limit and those are:

  • The house you live in
  • Your own personal goods
  • Motor vehicles used for employment purposes
  • Retirement funds

Finally, if you're self-employed individual, the first $200,000 of capital and operating assets for your business won't be counted towards the asset limit of MinnesotaCare program.