Unemployment Application Instructions

Filing a UI claim in Maine is easy. You can complete application for initial and weekly claims online. Use this link to access online UI claim system.

Before you file a claim online, be sure to check that you haven't filed a claim already. If you have an existing claim, it should be inactive for you to re-open this claim. All inactive claims can be re-opened using this link.

If you need to file an unemployed appeal, you can file it online by visiting this link. If you need assistance filing a UI appeal, please visit this FAQ section for details.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting Help with Filing Maine UI Claim

If you face any issues while filing UI initial or weekly claim, you can contact Maine Department of Labor by visiting this page. You will find phone number and other contact details for all concerned departments.

If you need to contact a local Unemployment Claim Center, visit this page and select an office near your home to find its contact details.

You can find answers to most of your questions about UI claims in this FAQ section. Be sure to read all the questions before you contact Maine Department of Labor with your queries.

Managing Maine UI benefits online

Once you have filed a UI claim, you can check your benefits by visiting this link. This link will inform you about status of your claim.

After your Maine UI claim is approved and you start receiving benefits, you will need to file weekly claim report to ensure your claim stays active and you continue receiving benefits. You can file your weekly UI claim by visiting this link.

When receiving Maine UI benefits, you may have to register for work. You can do so by visiting Job Bank at Career Center website.

Learn More about Maine UI Benefits

Maine UI benefits provide temporary assistance to eligible unemployed workers. This program ensures that unemployed workers are not left alone in the tough times. You can learn more about this program by visiting this link.

You can read about rights and responsibilities of unemployed workers receiving UI benefits by visiting this link.