LIHEAP Application Instructions

Application to the Louisiana LIHEAP program is divided into two categories. First applicants can submit the non crisis application or the Crisis application.

Non-Crisis Application

Here the applicant is required to maintain an active account with their utility vendor. After submitting a non-crisis application the applicant is required to continue paying his or her bill, until the benefits are awarded. To make a non-crisis application all you need to do is contact your nearest Louisiana LIHEAP agency and book an appointment with a program representative who will guide you through the process and determine whether you are eligible for the program.

Crisis application

Applicants can apply for crisis benefits when they are have energy or heating emergency. Upon successful processing of the crisis application the Louisiana LIHEAP program will make a pledge to pay the energy and heating bills up to a maximum of $475. It should be noted that this payment does not include any reconnection fee, deposits, or any non energy related fees.

It should further be noted that all applications for the Louisiana LIHEAP is done in person at the Louisiana LIHEAP local agencies available on this link. (Louisiana LIHEAP Agency Provider list)

Some of the important documents required by the Louisiana LIHEAP include: proof of identity, proof of income and proof of residence as specified on this link near the bottom of the page. (Louisiana LIHEAP list of important documents).

Upon successful completion of this process, you will start enjoying the benefits of the program.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility to the Louisiana LIHEAP program is based on the household income, resources and vulnerability of the applicant. These eligibility requirements are discussed below:

Louisiana LIHEAP – Income Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the program, applicants need to meet a set of income eligibility requirements. These requirements are based on the gross taxable income of the individual and are highlighted in the following link. (Louisiana LIHEAP Income Eligibility Guidelines).

Household Vulnerability Requirements

To qualify for the Louisiana LIHEAP, a particular household must prove that it is at least responsible for meeting its residential heating and cooling costs. What this means is that the Louisiana LIHEAP, is a partial program and does not cater for the entire heating utility bill of a qualifying household. In this regard applicants are required to provide documents that prove they are paying a part of their utility bills.

Participation in Other Social Service Programs

Applicants who are participating in other social service programs such as SNAP, SSI and TANF are automatically eligible to receive benefits of the Louisiana LIHEAP program.

Louisiana LIHEAP-Residential Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Louisiana LIHEAP program, applicants need to be residents of the state of Louisiana and US citizens or registered legal aliens.

Household Members Annual Household Income Limit Monthly Household Income Limit
1 $27,123 $2,260
2 $35,468 $2,956
3 $43,814 $3,651
4 $52,160 $4,347
5 $60,505 $5,042
6 $68,851 $5,738
7 $70,416 $5,868
8 $71,980 $5,998
9 $73,545 $6,129
10 $75,110 $6,259