Food Stamps Application Instructions

To apply for Iowa SNAP (Food Stamps), you have the following choices:

Apply Online

It's easy to apply online for Iowa Food Stamps. Click here to begin your Online application on the website.

You will be able to fill the application form online from the link. Once you've completed the form, just hit submit and wait for reply from Department of Human Services (DHS).

Apply Via Mail

To apply for SNAP through email, you will have to download application for Food Stamps. After you download the application, fill it and send it to DHS office. Here are download links for the application:

Click here to download the English Application.

Click here to download the Spanish (Espanol) Application.

Apply in Person

You can also apply in person for Iowa Food Stamps (SNAP). In order to do so, you will have visit Iowa DHS office, located at 1900 Carpenter Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. You can find a DHS office near you by clicking here.

You will be required to bring necessary documents, including ID and financial documents, at the office. Try coming in early so that you can get served first. The DHS office treats on first come first serve basis.

After you have been enrolled, you will receive your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card in your mail. Make sure that you've provided correct mailing address. After you receive the card, you will have to call number provided with the card to activate card and create a password for using the card.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to receive SNAP (Food Stamps) benefits in Iowa, the following eligibility criteria has to be met.

  • U.S citizen or a qualified alien
  • Resident of state of Iowa
  • Child born in U.S with non-U.S parents
  • Meet all the income guidelines

Income Eligibility

Applicants will have to meet income eligibility set for Iowa SNAP in order to receive benefits. For a household with one member, the monthly income should be below $1174 before the taxes are deducted. For a household with two people, the monthly income limit is set at $1579, $1984 for three, $2389 for four, $2794 for five, $3200 for six, $3605 for seven, and $4010 for eight people in the household. For any additional person, the monthly amount goes up by $405.