Food Stamps Application Instructions

There are two main methods which you can use to apply for the Hawaii Food Stamp (SNAP) program, these are:

  • Filling and submitting an online application
  • Filling and submitting a paper application

Online Application

As a result of their convenience in terms of precision and ease of accessibility, online applications have gain popularity among applicants for the Hawaii Food Stamp (SNAP) program. You can access an online application for the Hawaii Food Stamp (SNAP) program by following this link: online application website.

You are required to provide basic information such as your names, date of birth, and contact details. Other important information required on the form includes:

  • Your social security number
  • Your social security number
  • Household size

In addition to your interview with a representative of the Hawaii Food Stamp program this information is used to determine the eligibility of the applicant.

Walk-In/Mail Application

If you prefer a paper application to the online application, you can obtain application forms from your nearest Department of Human Services (DHS) or download it at the following link: A search box will appear once you land on the page.

Alternatively, residents may fill out a paper application which they must submit to their local health services office with the title Application for Food Stamps. This application form may be downloaded from : paper application form, you should then print the form, proceed to fill it and submit at your nearest Department of Human Services office or by mailing it to the Hawaii Department of Human Services Office.

Important contact information can be found at:

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the Hawaii Food Stamp (SNAP) program, you must meet a specified set of eligibility requirements. These eligibility requirements are mainly pegged on house-hold income and the evidence status of the applicants. These eligibility requirements include:

  • Applicants for the Hawaii Food Stamp program must be residents of the state of Hawaii.
  • To be eligible to the Hawaii Food Stamp (SNAP) program , the applicant must either be a US citizen or an qualified legal alien
  • In order to be eligible for tee Hawaii Food Stamp (SNAP) program, the applicant must possess a social security number or verification of an application for a social security number pending processing.
  • Work related Eligibility requirements- in order to be eligible for the Hawaii Food Stamp (SNAP) program, able-bodied individuals between the ages of 16 to 60 are required to participate in the food stamp employment and training program.
  • Applicant for the Hawaii Food Stamp (SNAP) program must fall into a specified income category depending on the size and nature of household. The table below provides information on the income eligibility requirements for the program.
Household Size 200% Monthly Gross Income (BBCE Household) 130% Monthly Gross Income (Regular Household) 100% Monthly Net Income
1 $2,606 $1,694 $1,303
2 $3,510 $2,282 $1,755
3 $4,416 $2,870 $2,208
4 $5,320 $3,458 $2,660
5 $6,226 $4,047 $3,113
6 $7,130 $4,635 $3,565
7 $8,036 $5,223 $4,018
8 $8,940 $5,811 $4,470
9 $9,846 $6,400 $4,923
10 $10,752 $6,989 $5,376
11 $11,658 $7,578 $5,829
12 $12,564 $8,167 $6,282
13 $13,470 $8,756 $6,735
14 $14,376 $9,345 $7,188
15 $15,282 $9,934 $7,641
+15 +906 +589 +453

Note: For households with more than 8 persons, $8,418 is paid per additional person.