LIHEAP Application Instructions

In order to apply for LIHEAP in Florida, you have to file an application at your local LIHEAP provider. You can find a list of LIHEAP providers in Florida using this link.

For most counties, residents will have to make an appointment on call before visiting agency in person for applying for LIHEAP benefits. You can find phone number and other contact information for your local agency using the link provided above. Alternatively, you can use this link to find detailed information about your local LIHEAP agency.

Eligibility Requirements

To receive benefits through Florida LIHEAP, you will have to

  • Be a resident of Florida

  • Need financial assistance to meet your energy needs

  • Have household income below maximum income limit set for the program in state of Florida

Income limits

Your household income will have to be below the following income limits according to the size of household to receive financial assistance through Florida LIHEAP.

Number of people in household Annual gross income limit

  1. $16,755

  2. $22,695

  3. $28,635

  4. $34,575

  5. $40,515

  6. $46,455

  7. $52,395

  8. $58,335

If you have more people in your household, then add $5,940 to annual gross income limit to find your limit.