WIC Application Instructions

To apply for Colorado WIC, you will have to get an appointment from WIC office. You can find a list of all Colorado WIC office by clicking here.

After you have contacted your local WIC agency, you will be provided with a date for appointment. At the interview, you will have to go through a screening process.

Make sure that you are taking necessary documents to prove your case in front f of WIC staff.

Eligibility Requirements

To start receiving WIC benefits in Colorado, one has to meet the following guidelines.

  • Be a resident of Colorado
  • Have low family income
  • Be at nutritional risk

Colorado WIC benefits are only available to women, infants (up to age of 1 year), and children (up to age of five years). A woman can be eligible for these benefits if:

  • She is pregnant
  • She is in her postpartum status
  • She is breastfeeding
Household Size Gross Annual Income
1 $20,665
2 $27,991
3 $35,317
4 $42,643
5 $49,969
6 $57,295
7 $64,621
8 $71,947