WAP Application Instructions

Online Application

You can follow this link to begin the online application: Apply Online Here.

Application Process

  • Fill an application form which takes approximately 20 minutes
  • Produce proof of income for the year prior to your application.
  • Must be a parent or a responsible guardian of a young child who is too young to be admitted in any public school.
  • Proof of number of people living in your household.

If you need further help please call: 1 (866) 675-6623. You can also find more information by visiting the official California WAP Program site.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for this benefit program you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • You must be a resident of the state of California in need of financial assistance for home energy costs.
  • Qualified to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Aid to Families with Dependent Children.
  • You are over 60 years of age
  • Have a family member with special needs
  • You must have an annual household income (before taxes) that is below the following amounts:
Family Size Annual Income
1 $24,544
2 $32,096
3 $39,648
4 $47,200
5 $54,752
6 $62,304
7 $63,720
8 $65,136

For family units with more than 8 members add $1,416 for each additional member.

Once your eligibility is approved, your local weatherization agency puts you on a waiting list. Residents with urgent needs are usually put on top of the list. Then the following tasks are carried out by professional weatherization personnel from your area:

  • Professional energy consultation is carried out
  • Infiltration of outside air using a blower door is tested
  • Your equipment is tested for safety and health
  • Analysis of the most pocket friendly energy measures for your household is made
  • Your local weatherization agency puts you on a schedule and work begins