Unemployment Application Instructions

You can file a claim online for regular and additional UI benefits using an easy-to-follow procedure. Remember you can only file an additional UI claim when you had found a job and stopped receiving UI benefits but during the same year you lost that job and became qualified for UI benefits again.

To apply online for UI benefits, simply follow these steps.

- Visit Arizona Department of Economic Security website and click Apply for UI benefits from navigation or click here to go to application page directly.

- Enter your Social Security Number and PIN to login to the application system. If you have forgotten your PIN, go here to change it.

- If you want to fill the application in Spanish, simply select it from the top.

- You will need to report wages to complete UI benefits application. You can learn more about reporting wages here.

- You will also need to provide details of work search for the week you are claiming UI benefits. You can learn more about recording and reporting work search by going here.

Eligibility Requirements

Getting Help to Apply for UI Benefits in Arizona

You can contact Arizona UI benefits by calling at (toll free) 1 877 600-2722. Call at 1 877 877-6226 for TDD (phone service for the deaf). You can also send an email to UI Benefits at this address AZCallCenter@azdes.gov. Alternatively you can fill a form found here to contact UI Benefits.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) doesn't process the application locally — it is accepted online only. However, you can visit a One-Stop Center or Employment Service Office to get any help with the application process. You will be able to use a computer there that can be used to file a claim. A representative there will help you with the application process as well as job search and related services. You can find a One-Stop Center near your home by visiting this link and an Employment Service Office by visiting this link.

In order to apply for UI benefits in Arizona, you will need to have certain documents with you. You can find out more about documents needed to apply by visiting this link.

The amount of weekly UI benefits you receive depends on wages you earned during the base period. Your employer should have paid Unemployment Tax to the state of Arizona for you to claim UI benefits in Arizona. You can use this page to determine eligibility and weekly UI benefits amount that you may receive.

Manage Unemployment Benefits Online

Once you have filed your initial claim, you will need to come back to DES website weekly and file claim. Missing weekly claim for two weeks will result in suspension of your benefits in most cases. You can file weekly claims the same way you filed initial/regular claim.