The Emergency Food Assistance Program Application Instructions

Eligibility in The Emergency Food Assistance Program is self-declared, that's why you do not have any formal application that you need to complete. When visiting any one of the TEFAP locations, you will be asked to give your identification (this can be anything that has your name and address on it) and sign-in. Here's a sample of the sign-in sheet used.

Homeless individuals may receive meals without income eligibility if the food is prepared and served in a dining room or congregate setting; on the other hand, they must meet the requirements for income eligibility to be able to get food that are not prepared meals served on location.

Eligibility Requirements

Beneficiaries of prepared meals in dining room settings are automatically regarded as needy; as a result, they are not subject to an income test.

For the household distribution program, if you want to receive food for household consumption, you must declare that you meet the income eligibility of 185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines and that you reside in the area of the agency.

Click here to view a table that shows the 185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, effective from July 1, 2012 up to June 30, 2013.