Food Stamps Application Instructions

Arizona food stamps can be applied online or at the department of economic security. Online application is very efficient and consumes very little time.

Online Application

You may apply online by visiting this website Please note that after applying online, extra information must be faxed in order to complete your online application, Fax cover sheets can be obtained from the Health-E-Arizona Web site.

Walk In / Fax Application

You may download the AHCCCSCombinedApplication and send it by fax or submit it in person to your local Family Assistance Administration (FAA) office.

You may request a paper application at your local FAA office, or you can call and ask that an application be mailed. For AHCCCS Health Insurance (Medical Assistance), you may also apply at a hospital or at some health clinics.

If you are pregnant, you may apply during a visit to your doctor's office but only if your doctor is a Baby Arizona Provider.

When you fill the application form you must provide the following information:

  • Copy of Lease (verification of rent and or mortgage and address)
  • Wage statements
  • Birth certificates
  • Verification of Citizenship
  • Fingerprints
  • Bank statement (if applicable)
  • Copy of utilities and other bills
  • Copy of Social security card
  • Phone Number


SNAP benefits are no longer issued as paper coupons. Monthly SNAP benefits are now directly dispatched to Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. EBT cards work much like regular bank debit cards using personal pin numbers. At supermarkets or wherever food stamps are accepted, customers can swipe the EBT card for the food total and the amount is automatically deducted from the balance of the card. Any remaining balance for non-food items must then be paid for in cash. For some people, an EBT card may also hold cash assistance benefits along with the food stamp amount. In these cases, cash can be withdrawn from the EBT card by swiping a second time at the register.

After the Application

If your local FAA office requires additional information, you will be notified either by telephone or mail. Remember the final eligibility decision is always received vial mail. A decision is usually made within seven working days from the date of your application. In case of any delays, it does not go beyond 30 day from the date of your application.

Eligibility Requirements

Food stamps or rather SNAP is readily available to residents of Arizona who meet the income requirements set forth by the state and by the Arizona Department of Economic Security (AZ DES). It used to be only applicable to single mothers and large low-income families but this is not the case anymore. Single men and women and people with a slightly higher income who may require a bit of support during hard times also qualify. Unemployed people must meet certain job-seeking and reporting requirements to be eligible long-term.

Income Requirements

Arizona SNAP eligibility is greatly determined by a strict income requirements test and number of people living in your household. These tests take into consideration both the gross monthly income and net monthly income. The gross is considered 130 percent of poverty and the net, 100 percent of poverty. For example a single family household can gross up to $1,174.00 per month with a net of $903 and still be eligible to receive food stamps. A family of six making $3,200.00 per month with a net of $2,461.00 will receive almost three times the amount in food stamp benefits. However, people living with disabilities and the elderly do not follow this category, they have special requirements.

Items that can be bought with Food Stamps

Among the items that you will be able to buy with food stamps include wheat germ, sunflower seeds, brewer's yeast, and fortified foods which include diabetic food, infant foods, ice label which is suitable for human consumption. Available also are items that can be used to preserve food. They include; spices and herbs, lard and pectin. Shortening; this are meals which are prepared and delivered to elderly and handicapped. Food Stamp participants; they include snack foods such as candy , potatoes, tortilla, soft drinks, chips , soft drinks, chewing gum .

There are other items which you may not be allowed to purchase alongside food stamps, they include; alcoholic beverages, non food items that include soap, paper, cooking utensils, cleaning products , items that are used for gardening such as peat moss, fertilizer , and other items not meant for human consumption and which includes dog and cat food birds seeds which are packaged, decorative dye that may be used for coloring , eggs that are hard cooked, vitamins, health aids, aspirin, syrups, cough drops minerals , antacids, cold remedies and all prescription medicines.