Denali Kidcare Application Instructions

The fastest way to apply for these benefits is through Options are listed on Alaska's Medicaid page.

Eligibility Requirements

In a nutshell, the best way to determine if a person or their children and teens are eligible for Denali Kidcare is to try and apply for the program.

Nonetheless, one is generally eligible if the meet the following:

  • They are a child or youth aged 18 and below
  • You are a pregnant mother and can show evidence of pregnancy from your doctor
  • If they are Alaskan residents
  • If their family income meets the found by clicking here

Children, teens and women who are already covered by Indian Health Service are still eligible as long as they meet income guidelines. The same applies to those already covered by Tribal Health.

They are also eligible even if they have any other health insurance if the family's income is particularly low.


The income guides that help determine general eligibility for Denali Kidcare can be downloaded by clicking here.

Applicants are nonetheless advised to note that these are general guidelines and conformity does not guarantee success in applying for Denali Kidcare.

They should also note the following about the guidelines:

  • Income figures are calculated before tax.
  • The income of the parent, whether biological or adoptive, is used to determine eligibility.
  • Permanent Fund dividends are not considered part of income.
  • If there are employment-related expenses deducted per month they may apply.
  • If there are dependent care expenses deducted every month they may apply.
  • Payments made towards Child support may be considered as deductions.
  • The application must be submitted along with income records and proof of deductions.
  • Anyone may apply on their own behalf or on behalf of a child or teen.
  • If children have other health insurance it does not make them ineligible.
  • Service benefits may be considered.