Texas Medicaid Application Information

Texas Medicaid provides medical coverage provide necessary medical benefits to residents of Texas. The low-income families can receive comprehensive health coverage through Medicaid program. The program is a joint venture between state of Texas and federal government.

Texas Medicaid is available for elderly, living single or married and living together. The eligibility criteria for single and married elders are different. Financial criteria are also different for single and married couples.

Texas Medicaid program provides various medical benefits to enrollees. These benefits include medical home, continuity of care, and other basic health benefits. The program provides comprehensive health care for qualified members of community.

If you are receiving SSI income or you qualify for Temporary Aid to Needy Families, you will automatically qualify to receive health coverage through Texas Medicaid program.

Pregnant women with income at or below 185% will be eligible to receive aid through Texas Medicaid program.

In order to apply online for Texas Medicaid benefits, you can visit Texas Benefits website. You can also apply in person by visiting HHSC office near you.

Eligibility Requirements

Automatic Eligibility

  • If you qualify for Temporary Aid to Needy Families, you will be automatically qualified for Texas Medicaid program
  • If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), then you will automatically qualify for Medicaid program

Other ways to qualify for Texas Medicaid

  • Pregnant women can qualify for Texas Medicaid program if their income is at or below 185% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL) despite the fact that federal guidelines require pregnant women to be at or below 133%. State of Texas has taken the initiative to extend Medicaid benefits to pregnant women with higher income by relaxing income eligibility.
  • For pregnant women and children with higher income than Medicaid guidelines will be able to get break if their medical expenses are so high that they cannot pay them with their income.

Income and Asset Eligibility

  • Applicants may earn up to three times of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) after deducting taxes and still qualify for Texas Medicaid if elderly.
  • If applicant is an elderly married couple, the earned income can be up to double the amount set for elderly residents. This income level can be up to $4,044 and still elderly married couples can qualify for Texas Medicaid.
  • Medicaid applicants will have to have their assets below $2,000 in order to qualify for Medicaid program. If you are couple, you can have resources up to $3,000. A home and car are exempted for the purpose of calculating the assets. Similarly, burial plot, insurance and life insurance up to $1,500 are also exempted.

Medicaid Application Instructions

Apply Online

In order to apply online, you can visit the Your Texas Benefits website. You'll be required to click Apply for Benefits on the website to open account page. If you are a new member, you will have to set up and account before you can apply online.

You can also view progress of your case by going to Your Texas Benefits website. You can go to View My Case section and provide your login details to track your applications. You can also check your interview time and benefits you can get. You will also be able to update your information by just visiting and signing in to the website.

Apply in Person

You can apply in person by downloading an application in PDF format. Once you have the form, you can fill it and send it to HHSC benefits office.

You can also apply in person by visiting HHSC office in your locality. You can go to the Your Texas Benefits website and click 'Find an Office' to locate an office near you.

You can also get information about program by dialing 1 (877) 541 7905.