About Us

BenefitsApplication.com was created to provide its users an easy way to access information about various government benefit and assistance programs. By categorizing the listed programs by state, we also assist our users in locating other benefit programs that they may be eligible for. Due to the number of available programs, and the legislation in each state that affects these programs, this information has historically been hard to find. Our mission is to reduce the difficulty in accessing important information about each program and help to streamline their application process.

At BenefitsApplication.com our users can choose a program, find specific information about that program, determine if they are eligible for the program, and be shown the various ways available to apply for each program. BenefitsApplication.com funds its efforts to increase awareness about available government benefits programs by providing optional, relevant advertising and offers on this website. All offers are optional and may be ignored or skipped.

By providing a single website to access all of this information, BenefitsApplication.com allows people to make good decisions for themselves and their families.