Financial Assistance programs Application Instructions

In order to be successfully enrolled with TANF/TAONF program, you'll need to get through the application process. This usually includes filling out application forms and gathering documents which are used as a proof of your financial power.

In order to obtain TANF/TAONF application form, you'll need to visit your local branch of the Department of Human Services. You can find where your local DHS office is located by visiting this link.

You can also call DHS directive to have them send you application form by mail. You can find a list of important telephone numbers on this link.

If you decide to download and print TANF/TAONF application form, you can find it here. You will also need to consult a worker at your local DHS office for any additional documents, which are used as a proof of your eligibility. These documents can be:

  • Information regarding bank accounts
  • Mortgage payments
  • Regular monthly expenses for your household
  • Value of your vehicles
  • Birth certificates
  • Social Security numbers

After you've gathered all of the needed documentation, you'll need to turn it in at your local DHS office. Shortly after that, you can expect an invitation for an interview. The question you'll be asked are usually only confirmations for the information you've applied with. In case you're not able to attend this interview, you will be also able to use a phone interview option.

Finally, if you've been selected for enrollment with TANF/TAONF, you'll be contacted regarding issuing EBT card. This is a debit card by which you'll receive your monthly financial help. You can also use your own bank account for this purpose.

You can also expect that you'll be notified to reconfirm your level of income. This is needed simply to check whether you'll still eligible for TANF/TAONF as well as to confirm on your progress. Also, if your household size changed during this period, you'll be obligated to report it to your local DHS office so the amount of benefits can be adjusted.

Eligibility Requirements

In order to obtain TANF/TAONF enrollment, your household will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Members of your household need to be a U.S. citizens or legal aliens
  • Children also need to be citizens or have eligible alien status
  • You must have a social security number
  • Your family needs to have monthly income lower than the current Federal Poverty Level
  • Children need to be 18 years of age or younger. In case a child is older than 18, he/she needs to be a full time student with an expected graduation date before the age of 20
  • Household needs to have parents (or one parent, or caretaker) and children under the age 18 living in the same house.
  • Pregnant woman are eligible for TANF/TAONF during the month before their due date.

Speaking of the eligible monthly income limit, it needs to be under 185% of the 2006 Federal Poverty Level. This means that for a household of three, monthly income needs to be less than $2,941 (gross income) or $636 (net income). All TANF/TAONF enrollees are permitted to acquire resources and assets, but their combined total need to be less than $5,000. Vehicles and a house you're living in are excerpt from this list.